Thursday, January 20, 2005

Becoming Close to the Computers

Before I entered NIC, I did not use personal computers, and I even did not have it. I did not think it is important to use it or to know it. Of course, I studied how to use the computers during my school days, but that was just a little. I could only turn on the computer and turn off it.
However, I was forced to use computer to go to the university in the U.S. when I started studying at NIC. I asked my sister about PC because she is good at using it. My sister suggested me to buy her old computer by low price. I was pleased to hear that, so I could get my own computer in cheep. For the first semester, I was busy to keep up using Microsoft Words. In addition, I had to buy the printer to print out my essays for homework. Moreover, I had to improve my skill of using computers more frequently. I need to use Power Point. Through these processes, other skill such as E-mails, Internet, or printing, were needed.
Recently, I manage my computer for a just simple way. Nonetheless, I still need my sister’s help.


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